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Rabies, Volume 1- Manifestation


Автор: Sybilla Koritareva, Ivan Koritarev
Издателство: Grozen Entertainment
ISBN: 9789542941071
Дата на издаване: 2017 г.
Корица: твърда
Височина: 305 мм
Широчина: 215 мм
Страници: 64
Тегло: 250 г
Категории: , Product ID: 7966


Kidda – who is only at the first stage of her research on the range of evil. .
Pesh, who is hell-bent on tracking down the mad scientist, who ruined his life..
And Tahoo – the heartless rabbit, who has nothing to lose . .

What happens, when you combine three problems in a bowl and add a pinch of drugs, two spoonfuls of violence, a cup of madness and a piece of tangled mob games? A stinking stew of problems, which defies description ..`