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Morning Zora!


Автор: Krassi Harvell
Издателство: Krassimira Publishing
ISBN: 9780996912938
Дата на издаване: 2015 г.
Корица: твърда
Височина: 185 мм
Широчина: 180 мм
Страници: 30
Тегло: 250 г
Категория: Product ID: 7842


Morning, Zora! or How to Wake Up a Sleepy Child offers a fun and gentle way to transition your child from the Land of Nod to the land of wakefulness. It tells the story of the very first moments of the day shared by mother and child. Instead of nagging and cajoling, the mother plays a sweet game with her sleepy daughter. Her fingers become two curious children sauntering out of the child’s hair and setting off on an adventure filled with sweetness, excitement, and even a dose of danger. By the end of the book Zora is wide-awake and giggly. And instead of getting stuck in a power struggle, the mother and daughter have started their day with lightness and play.