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Kill the Wanderer


Автор: Христо Христов
Издателство: ИК Гутенберг
ISBN: 9786191760060
Дата на издаване: 04.10.2013 г.
Корица: мека
Височина: 230 мм
Широчина: 160 мм
Страници: 446
Тегло: 870 г
Код: bbdeb99f9fd7 Категории: , Product ID: 2405


Hristo Hristov is an investigative journalist, documentarist. His book “Kill the Wanderer” is authentic and detailed investigation for the murder of the writer Georgi Markov by the Bulgarian State Security Service in London in 1978. The work is based on documents from a large number of secret archives.

The revelations in the book have been quoted by a wide range of authoritative media agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press, The Sunday Times and many others.

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Weight 870 g
Dimensions 230 × 160 mm